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Smoking Jacket

From time immemorial, the smoking jacket was worn over a man’s clothes so as to protect his clothes from smoke, ashes, and cigarette burns.  During Victorian times, women were deemed to be very sensitive to the smell of smoke so men in the royal and upper classes wore the smoking jackets both at home and during fancy affairs and events in order to keep their women close to them.

With the passage of time, the smoking jacket evolved as a style statement.  Although in the past its use has diminished somewhat, the smoking jacket has now experienced a resurgence in popularity in today’s modern society.  Brought out in public view by its most notable proponent, Hugh Hefner always wears a smoking jacket at his mansion where he hosts glamorous parties, with famous and prominent guests.

Nowadays, the smoking jacket is worn by popular entertainment industry individuals, movie stars, singers, performers, and hosts of TV shows.  In addition, wearing the smoking jacket has currently become popular with everyday people who like to wear their jackets during all kinds of occasions both when entertaining at home and at different venues, as well as at friends’ and colleagues’ events.  The men enjoy the luxury feel and look of a smoking jacket and appreciate the comfort.  In the past, it was believed that only the elite of society was able to afford to purchase smoking jackets.  However, at the present moment, predominantly ordinary people buy and wear smoking jackets not only for their social events, but as well for their leisurely, entertaining at home. Duke and Digham is a well-recognized manufacturer of smoking jackets which are made of materials that can last for many years and can now be afforded not only by the rich, but also by everyday people.

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